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Gotten some damages today ^^; 15160yen in total



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On the way to Tokyo Big sight at Odaiba.. but took the wrong bus and gone the opposite direction, alighted at Fuji TV and walk to Big Sight.

Along the way..


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Akiba again!

Visited Akiba again, cause the new Master Grade Gundam Unicorn was launched during the week. 🙂

There was a Transformers Movie DVD launch roadshow outside Yodobashi. On display is bumblebee!

At the other end of Yodobashi, there was another roadshow for the launch of Gundam “One Year War” collection DVD.

This is Yodobashi

Bought quite a few things that day :X

Firstly MG Gundam Unicorn.

Latest issue of Dengeki hobby

Come with free Gundam Astraea custom kits

And the shop I bought the magazine from gave free special dengeki gundam decals

lastly a gundam muffler, realise it was kinda too short for wearing… 😦

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