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Next up ~ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!



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Snowing again :D

Weather forecast is pretty accurate here in Japan. Last night saw on TV saying it will snow today. And it sure did 🙂

Along Sumida River

Etai Bashi

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More sunset view

After the snowing yesterday, today is quite a clear day with really strong wind.. I can feel myself being push away every step I walk when I went out for lunch today.

Anyway 1 of my collegue dash into the office at around 420pm with a camera in his hand and open all the window binds.. great view again today, and the rest of the guys whip out their handphone too to snap some pics 😀 including me

well was a couple seconds slow, the sun is halfway set in the photo..
anyway my lousy handphone camera cannot capture the real beauty of it… boo

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It’s Snowing!

Woke up this morning and realise it’s was raining, even open the window to check.. and was a bit cursing the weather but after awhile the sound of rain drops disappear…
Soon after I notice white stuff outside the window (window is translucent, so can’t see whats outside)

When I open the window again, quite surprise to see its snowing!

It’s my first time see a live snowing.. 😀 The snow actually last through out the whole morning, I think it stop around 1pm.
Can actually see the Tokyo city turning white-ish from my workplace..
And it seem like all my colleagues were also excited by the snowfall 🙂

BTW, this is the first snowfall this winter in Tokyo. Last year, it didn’t snow in Tokyo….

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Working on Sunday

went back to work on Sunday.. (volunteered, but is paid :p )

 nothing to do while waiting for my team leader to arrive (he was late 😡 )

 took a few pic from my office.. tokyo city view

partly cloudy, can’t see Mt Fuji 😦

My workdesk.. don’t quite like.. cause is the closest to the door (me=part time door opener)

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