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Visit Square Enix shop today 🙂
Located at Hatsudai, Yoyogi, but is just 15-20mins walk from Shinjuku.
Official web is here

Shop Entrance



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Went to Shinjuku to pay rent today.. has become a monthly thingy that I have to visit Shinjuku.
Normally will go other places after paying rent. Nothing much for me in Shinjuku to see/buy.

Just this morning I woke up and suddenly it came to my mind that, Nakano seem to be near Shinjuku.
So after a check on the web, and found that Nakano is 1 stop away (using JR Chuo line Rapid train)

While at JR Shinjuku station… Shinjuku station is celebrating 123years old this year

Minatures trains on display

You can play with the controls to move the train..

took the JR train to Nakano. took about 5mins only 🙂

Across Nakano north exit, is a covered walkway with lots of shop

lots of shops..

Uniqlo~ bought a sweater for 990yen 🙂

Destination spotted!


shop selling lots of snacks, quite crowded, so I suppose its quite cheap 😛

Mandrake – dominate most of nakano broadway toys shop from floor 2 to 4
They deal with used manga, CD, anime, toys, cosplay, games…

A mandrake shop specially for letting customers sell away their old stuff, so depending on what you are selling, you just need to queue up there and when it’s your turn, just show them to the shop person

Tetsujin 28 at the shop entrance saying no phototaking, food, drinks and pets in shop

rows of goodies

This shop sell real old school stuff

Cosplay costume..

I see Mikuru and saber costume

Haruhi (PS2 game costume), Gintoki (Gintama)

Life size Saber 😀

Gundams .. risk my life to take this XD counter is just beside..
By now you all might notice, the picture is not as clear… cause I switch to using my K810I handphone to take photo..
Phototaking in Nakano broadway is a big NO NO 😦 so I got to secretly take

WAVE macross

Nakano broadway is really more for finding old/vintage/rare stuffs. Don’t see much of the new release stuff lying around. But really good to pick off some old kits and model at cheap price 🙂

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Now time for “Damage of the day”

First off… MG Nu Gundam @ 3150yen!

was thinking what to get.. had 3 to choose from
i) MG GP02 @ 2100yen
ii) MG turn A @ 2600yen
iii) MG Nu Gundam

Went with the Nu, cos had wanted to own 1 of it. Remember used 2 of my friend came to my place years ago and we spend the night fixing and hand painting the old 1/100 NG Nu gundam. that version has diecast in the main body IIRC.

Next…. HG Gundam Exia @ 630yen .. bought this cos it’s cheap 😀 will use it to convert it to Gundam Astraea

lastly BB sengokuden Sousou (曹操) Gundam @ 315yen. Hehe finally found it 😀

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Hello Tokyo!

Arrived in Tokyo in the early morning. Due to the new procedure that was implement on the 20th Nov this year, it took quite awhile to clear the custom.

Finally gone through the custom and collected my luggage (total weight.. abt 35+kg!)

Anyway off to buy my train ticket to Shinjuku (新宿).. bought the JR NEX (Narita Express) @ 2910Yen ($38)
Train Ticket

took some pictures while waiting for the train (long wait cause I miss the previous timing .. all thanks to the delay at the custom)

Finally board the train! A look inside the train.. has a place for passengers to put their bags and they have people pushing carts selling foods and drinks (like on plane)

the journey was about 90minutes to reach Shinjuku. Nice scenery along the way, but after a hour ride, it started to rain.. and also the start our my miserable day.

Suppose to walk toward my agency company at Shinjuku, but couldn’t due to the rain, so had to take a cab there. Damage? 710yen($9) for first 2 Km..

After the procedures at the office, was again suppose to walk to my apartment rental company BUT it was still raining.. so had to waste another 710Yen 😦

Finally pick up my key to my apartment, and lucky rain wasn’t so heavy, manage to make my way to the subway for a direct ride to my new home.

My new home.. 8 tatami size big, with kitchen, toilet and optical internet hor.. don’t play play XD .. cost? 98000yen($1270) per month!!!

after settling down, decided to go out to buy some foods and stuff..
first day shopping:

finally end of a long day …

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