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Went to have a haircut today..

When it was my turn, the hairstylist ask me some questions.. took awhile to realise that I need to pay first before he start cutting…. BTW cost 1000yen.

After paying, he start asking how I want it to be cut.. Since I really dunno what he ask, when he say “全部カット?” (cut all?).. I just answer “はい, 何でもいい” (yes, anything) .. Lucky he did really shave off all my hair, just trim off about 1cm

After the haircut, drop by Book-Off. Bought 2 Glay album at 250yen each! Each album is 2 CDs.. so thats like 125yen each CD 😀

Glay Rare collectives volume 1

Glay Rare collectives volume 2


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Ragnarok Online, 1 of the first MMORPG I played and for many years. Meet lots of nice friends there too.

Book-Off, a large chain of shops in Japan that sells used books,manga, CD, DVD, games.

Was at 1 of the outlet near my place and saw this Ragnarok online OST which cost 1000yen ($13) 🙂

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