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New Year Eve part 2: Namja town

Namco Namja Town is an indoor theme park in the Sunshine City shopping complex in east Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The park was opened in 1996 by Namco, a Japanese company best known for producing video games, although the park itself does not focus on those games. Instead, it features themed dining, carnival-style games, a haunted house, and a line of character mascots exclusive to the park.

Ticket vending machine

Entrance ticket @ 300yen ($4), there are other package available, cost around 3000yen. One can play the theme games inside as many time as you like with it, or just buy the 300yen ticket and pay for individual games instead.

some exhibits

game ticket vending machine

Guinness world of record for Biggest jukebox measuring 20M by 12M, build in 7 June 1996

Gyoza Stadium~! around 10 stalls selling gyoza from all different countries and different part of Japan.

For 200yen, you can try you skill at catching fishes and baby lobster?

After some photos taking, onward the main attraction.. gyoza

so many shop to choose from..

which one..

bought my first pack of 8 gyoza, Yaki Gyoza @ 500yen ($6.50).. well, they taste normal..

Try the other store next, give a tag to wait as the gyozas are cook .. cost 500yen too for 8piece

Taste pretty different.. hehe, I don’t know what is the topping, taste weird o.O

olden days Japan railway

ghost house

Next up.. Icecream City 😀

again many to choose from.. have ice cream from turkey, italy, japan, hokkaido, etc.. AFAIK, there is also Curry ice cream (saw it on a Ch8 TV shown a while ago, hosted by Mark lee and Jeff Wang)
Anyway bought a ice cream from the Hokkaido shop @ 580yen ($7.50). Banana with chocolate topping.

Next, Desert empire

Mini Chocolate fountain~ you can buy mushmellow and strawberries here then coat them with chocolate yourself here

There is also a massage corner, with different type of massage service from different countries, like thailand, china, usa, japan.

Before I left, there was a show at the stage area, something to do with Doraemon

overall, quite a interesting place, but the foods are expensive 😦


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was deciding to go Odaiba or Ikebukuro today..

Odaiba – Comiket 73

Ikebukuro – Go Nagai 40th anniversary exhibition / Namja town

decided that I’m not so keen to go comiket..


Sunshine 60 street with many small shops, a street leading towards sunshine city.

Sunshine City

Go Nagai’s 40th anniversay exhibition poster, suppose to go to see this.. but the exculsive Revoltech black mazinkaiser was aleady sold out.. so didnt go in

Bleach Movie poster.. currently showing in cinema

many shops having sales. GAP also having winter sales, bought a muffler @ half price @ 1900yen($25)

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