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Late post..Fallen sick on first day of Chinese new year… had fever and terrible sore throat. Maybe its due to the cold dry weather, the sore throat was really painful..
regular panadol and stuff didnt help.. so end up buying medicine from phamacy..
It cost 2047yen ! ($34) *ouch*

words on packaging said it work for cough, fever, cold, sore throat, phlems

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Visit Square Enix shop today πŸ™‚
Located at Hatsudai, Yoyogi, but is just 15-20mins walk from Shinjuku.
Official web is here

Shop Entrance


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Random photos

Testing out the wide mode on my camera

Pretty clear day, but Mt Fuji is feeling shy, so it’s hiding behind clouds

Take from Etai Bashi

Tit-tat-toe? nah, just a traffic gate showing which lane is open to travel for the direction you are taking

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Valentine’s day in Japan

Valentine’s day is quite celebrate here in Japan.. tons of chocolate goes on sale 1month before it. price ranging from 100~5000+yen. And in Japan, Valentine’s day is an occasion when Japanese women can make their feelings known by giving expensive chocolates.

There are another kind of chocolates. It is called giri-choco. Women give them to male acquaintances so they don’t feel left out. Such chocolates are given out of friendship or a sense of duty and they are usually cheap. Women who work in offices usually give giri-choco to male colleagues.

My department recieve a box of choco from a lady from another department.. so everyday got to have 1 piece each on Valentine’s day… πŸ˜›

Some choco that are sold in the supermarket in my area.

Nice packaging

some cheaper chocos

The male version of Valentine day in Japan is known as white day. It is celebrate 1 month after Valentine’s day, on 14th March.

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Living in Japan – Apartment

In Japan, apartments are usually rented for a minimum of two years. Furthermore, most landlords are naturally reluctant to rent their apartments to foreigners and a guarantor is required to co-sign the rental contract as another security measure. Entering a rental contract with a conventional real estate company is very expensive.

Couple of things you need to pay before even before you move in…
– Reservation fee (ζ‰‹δ»˜ι‡‘ tetsukekin)
– Deposit (敷金 shikikin)
– Key money (瀼金 reikin) … non refundable payment to the landlord in the amount of up to several months’ rent.
– Service fee (仲介手数料 chukai tesuryo) … non refundable payment to the real estate agent in the amount of at most one month’s rent.

Lucky, there are other alternative to get a place to stay in Japan. A search on google brings out some option. And I went with Sakura-house. AFAIK, its more expensive, but it include all utilities charges (actually is 10k yen, if you exceed, you gonna top up the differences), and free internet. The place I stay runs on Optical line internet, so no complain πŸ˜€ (my max download speed was at 4.2MB+ on Bittorrent!!). Another thing about Sakura house is that it is furnished.

My cousin has been pestering asking me to show her my apartment room. So I thought I might as well take some photos and blog it down πŸ˜›

Entrance, Pink Door…

Mini doorway to put shoes

Bed. I moved the table the bed area, so I can sit on the bed to use my laptop πŸ˜€

some of my stuffs… on top of the softbank box, a Chinese new year card send to me from febian and lenice. πŸ™‚

wardrobe, also where I hang my jackets and sweater

Below the wardrobe. My luggage bag, a table lamp that I don’t use, dustbin and fire extinguisher

TV rack with more of my stuffs πŸ˜›

Mini toy corner below the TV

lack of storage space.. have to juz put the iron and iron board in a corner..

The 1 and only window in the room, normally is hung with lots of clothing…



some clothing hanging outside the toilet door

Fridge and where the table use to be located.
On the fridge, a oven, a Rice cooker (brought from S’pore), not working well since I brought it over, takes 1hour to cook the rice…. a green mug given to me by April πŸ™‚

Small Kitchen area.. with sink and stove

No place to hang laundry, so this is what I do when I wash my bedsheet… innovative? πŸ˜€

Basically this place area is just 8 tatami (13sq meter).. really small, but it is quite a convient place.. can reach my work place in about 30-40mins. Most of my collegues stay 1hrs~2hrs away from the office.. furthers one stay 2.5+hrs away (in Saitama).
And Akiba is juz 15mins away!

Damage per month? … 98000yen

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Went to have a haircut today..

When it was my turn, the hairstylist ask me some questions.. took awhile to realise that I need to pay first before he start cutting…. BTW cost 1000yen.

After paying, he start asking how I want it to be cut.. Since I really dunno what he ask, when he say “ε…¨ιƒ¨γ‚«γƒƒγƒˆ?” (cut all?).. I just answer “はい, 何でもいい” (yes, anything) .. Lucky he did really shave off all my hair, just trim off about 1cm

After the haircut, drop by Book-Off. Bought 2 Glay album at 250yen each! Each album is 2 CDs.. so thats like 125yen each CD πŸ˜€

Glay Rare collectives volume 1

Glay Rare collectives volume 2

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