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Hello Tokyo!

Arrived in Tokyo in the early morning. Due to the new procedure that was implement on the 20th Nov this year, it took quite awhile to clear the custom.

Finally gone through the custom and collected my luggage (total weight.. abt 35+kg!)

Anyway off to buy my train ticket to Shinjuku (新宿).. bought the JR NEX (Narita Express) @ 2910Yen ($38)
Train Ticket

took some pictures while waiting for the train (long wait cause I miss the previous timing .. all thanks to the delay at the custom)

Finally board the train! A look inside the train.. has a place for passengers to put their bags and they have people pushing carts selling foods and drinks (like on plane)

the journey was about 90minutes to reach Shinjuku. Nice scenery along the way, but after a hour ride, it started to rain.. and also the start our my miserable day.

Suppose to walk toward my agency company at Shinjuku, but couldn’t due to the rain, so had to take a cab there. Damage? 710yen($9) for first 2 Km..

After the procedures at the office, was again suppose to walk to my apartment rental company BUT it was still raining.. so had to waste another 710Yen 😦

Finally pick up my key to my apartment, and lucky rain wasn’t so heavy, manage to make my way to the subway for a direct ride to my new home.

My new home.. 8 tatami size big, with kitchen, toilet and optical internet hor.. don’t play play XD .. cost? 98000yen($1270) per month!!!

after settling down, decided to go out to buy some foods and stuff..
first day shopping:

finally end of a long day …


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