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Portable Heater

The aircon in my house don’t seem to heat up the whole room.. can still feel rather cold around the feet, sometime I have to wear socks to keep myself warm. been thinking maybe i should get a portable heater.

Luckily I have not bought it.. today got 1 for free 😀
Brand new~



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manage to did some decals sticking. This kit really has lots of small stickers to paste and many need to be trim to fit properly..

A look at the completed shield, did some slight panel lining too and finish off with half-gloss top coat 🙂

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Nah.. Just joking

backdate post.. Uploaded this photo, but forgot to post it here..

apparently my fridge was kinda set too cold..

2 of the eggs I brought the day before actually freeze and crack open from the shell

Peel of the shells and took a photo of them 😛 it took about 2hours to defroze and turn back to liquid state

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Finish up almost the whole kit by completing the head today

-.- the gold paint wasn’t sprayed evenly.. (got it re-spray)

Front/Back view of Unicorn Gundam normal mode

Side view

Zoom in side view of the Head

With shield equiped

Shield on backpack

Things to be left done:
– panel line
– Apply stickers/decals
– Topcoat
– Weapons


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more pictures from akiba

Gashapon machine outside Revoltech store.. selling revoltech joints, 6 for 200yen

Gunpla at AsoBitCity … Perfect Grade Gundam MK II for 8000yen!

MG Zaku II (Black Tri-star) … For 9000yen, you can have your own Black tri-star team 😛

Lobby area where Super Modelers is located..

Life size Haruhi!

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went out to shinjuku to pay my rent today. So decided to try out the famous Ramen Jiro. Happen to have an outlet just few minutes away from my apartment company.

The shop

Some info about topping.. can ask for more or less.. there are free.

にんにく ninniku – garlic
野菜 yasai – vegetables (beansprouts and cabbage)
脂油 abura – extra fat from the pot

Lucky no need to queue (saw on the net that sometime can have long queues)
but still have to wait 15-20mins to be serve.
I had normal ramen for 600yen. quite a big serving

verdict.. its not bad, but kinda oily.. so can get a bit sick after finish the whole bowl 😦

Anyone interested can google for Ramen Jiro.. quite a lot of sites about them, like shop locations, opening hours, etc

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Ohayo~ Mt Fuji

Quite a clear day today, took this when I reach office today 🙂

“zoom” in view of Mt Fuji 😛

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