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Visit Square Enix shop today πŸ™‚
Located at Hatsudai, Yoyogi, but is just 15-20mins walk from Shinjuku.
Official web is here

Shop Entrance



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Went to have a haircut today..

When it was my turn, the hairstylist ask me some questions.. took awhile to realise that I need to pay first before he start cutting…. BTW cost 1000yen.

After paying, he start asking how I want it to be cut.. Since I really dunno what he ask, when he say “ε…¨ιƒ¨γ‚«γƒƒγƒˆ?” (cut all?).. I just answer “はい, 何でもいい” (yes, anything) .. Lucky he did really shave off all my hair, just trim off about 1cm

After the haircut, drop by Book-Off. Bought 2 Glay album at 250yen each! Each album is 2 CDs.. so thats like 125yen each CD πŸ˜€

Glay Rare collectives volume 1

Glay Rare collectives volume 2

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Christmas Eve

Spend the day at home doing laundry and housecleaning.. Was a holiday due to the Emperor’s birthday that falls on the 23th (sunday).

Around 4pm, Tai came on MSN and we had a chat. Told by him that while doing his uni project, he read about Singapore foods outlet in Tokyo! So after some searching, found the place to be at a place call Lalaport (weird name o_O ) and Lalaport happen to be at Toyosu which is 2 train station away from where I stay! So off I went to visit the place.

Toyosu station

Ya kun.. A set of Kaya toast with egg and coffee cost me 450Yen! ($6)

inside Lalaport

Food circus (sells asian foods including Singapore πŸ™‚ )

Marche style.. given a card to record what you bought inside, you only do the paying when u leave the place

Singapore foods.. not much choice thou..

Had laksa that night.. 750yen ($10)

Christmas decorations..

advertisement inside train station, featuring Teru of Glay. If I’m not wrong, its about blood test for HIV?

bought myself a xmas present :X revoltech shin getter 3 @ 490yen ($6.30) .. original price is 1995yen

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