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Random photos

Testing out the wide mode on my camera

Pretty clear day, but Mt Fuji is feeling shy, so it’s hiding behind clouds

Take from Etai Bashi

Tit-tat-toe? nah, just a traffic gate showing which lane is open to travel for the direction you are taking


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Pinky~ name given to our office support keitai denwa 😛 (my colleague took this)

Revoltech Shin getter 3

MG Gundam Unicorn

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more test shots

Tokyo tower… 80 ISO

800 ISO with slight zoom.. lot of noise 😦


Roppongi Hill Mori tower – 800 ISO

80 ISO

80 ISO

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test shots

testing out the new camera while on my way home today ^^;

hmm got to practice more, don’t know how to use some function yet.

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