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Finally done painting it… messed up the sword portion. Gundam markers are really lousy.


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Finish painting some parts of the upper body and the lower body:)

Upper body

Closer look at the hands

Lower body

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Did the masking and spray the gold paints yesterday night before sleeping.
Turn out pretty well. Had decided to keep the transparent blue parts intact, thus masking took quite awhile.

Test fit 😀

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Sonken Gundam, No.6 to release in the BB Sengokuden series.
Modeled after Gundam GP03 of “Gundam 0083: Star dust Memory”

Box art

Head with panel lining and “eye brow” portion colored

Upper body without armors on

basically BB series are easy to fix, but requires lot of painting to make it look nice. so gonna take awhile to color them 🙂

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